Focus and Scope

Jurnal Public Relations published by Research and Competencies Division of PERHUMAS, in cooperation with Ikatan Sarjana Komunikasi Indonesia (ISKI), Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Komunikasi (ASPIKOM) and Asosiasi Penerbit Jurnal Komunikasi Indonesia (APJIKI). ISSN Online _______

Jurnal Public Relations publishes twice a year (May and November) and discusses materials and current issues on Public Relations which include but not limited to Stakeholders Relations, Government Relations, Community Relations, Investor Relations, Media Relations, Employee Relations, Digital Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Business Communication, Marketing Public Relations, Management Crisis Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Communication.

Jurnal Public Relations provides an equivalent weight on the academic and applied aspects within the development sphere of communication theory based on communication levels and social-cultural growth.

The articles and themes presented in the journal have the goal to increase the understanding of the importance of communication and in developing new concepts to provide solutions in implementing communication science, especially Public Relations, in Indonesia.

Jurnal Public Relations is published twice a year (May and November). Each edition receives original articles that will be reviewed by internal and external editors through a blind review based on their expertise. After the editing, a reviewer is assigned based on relevancy and related article.