Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines


1. Articles are scientific works in the form of research or critical studies that have not been published in any scientific journal.

2. Articles are written in Indonesian or English using MS Word processor and A4 sized paper size 21.5 x 28 cm Times New Roman 16, and typed at 2 spaces. Articles length of 15-24 pages (including attachments if any). Typing distance 4 cm from left and top of paper, 3 cm from right and bottom of paper. Use the article template provided in the right navigation.

3. The article is accompanied by a short biography of the author and a letter that the article has never been published in any journal.

4.The author of published articles will receive 2 (two) copies of Jurnal Public Relations Indonesia as publication copy.

5. Systematics of article writing:

  • TITLE (capital letter 16 pt, bold, center, no more than 15 words)

  • Author's name (normal, 12 pt, center, no title)

  • Name of faculty/work agency (normal, 10 pt, center)

  • University name (normal, 10 pt, center)

  • E-mail address (italics, 10 pt, center)

  • Abstract (capital letter, thickness, 9 pt); consists of one paragraph of about 150-250 words and is written in English if the article is in Indonesian as well as vice versa.

  • Keywords (normal, 10 pt, maximum 6 words / phrases; in alphabetical order)

Outline of the article should be as follows:

  • INTRODUCTION (12 pt capital, thick)

  • LITERATURE & METHODOLOGY (12 pt capital, thickness)

  • RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (12 pt capital, thickness)

  • CONCLUSION (12 pt capital, thickness)

  • REFERENCES LIST (12 pt capital, thick)

  • APPENDIX (if necessary) (12 pt thick capital)

7. Rule of direct quotation

If the quote length is less than four lines, it should be combined in the text by quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quotation. If the quotation is more than or equal to four lines, the quotation is made in a separate line and is written with a single space, given a ten-letter indentation, located in the middle, and without quotation marks.

8. Author name cited or referred, written with system name and year. The sequence is the name (reversed, in accordance with its inclusion in the Reference Library), the published year of the book/article, and the page number. Example: (Foster 1993: 18).

9. Tables or drawings are numbered, title (written in bold) and their sources.

10. The reference libraries contain only the most up-to-date libraries (at most ten years back) quoted in the article. Compiled by way of writing from APA Style : Last name, name (year). Title. City, publisher. For journal article: Last name, name (year), title, Name and Journal edition

11. Article uploaded via Open Journal System