• Zulkarnain Nasution Universitas Negeri Malang


imaging, role of public relations, universities


In the current global era, the role of tertiary institutions as educational institutions is increasingly demanded to build a positive image in the eyes of the public. Building imaging is not only a slogan, but there must be concrete action through a program strategy implemented by providing professional information services to the internal public (students) and the external public (community and stakeholders). The purpose of writing this article discusses as follows: (1) The nature and role of universities; (2) The Importance of the Role of Public relations in Developing Higher Education Imaging; and (3) Building a College Brand Image. Based on the results and discussion of the article above, the following article conclusions can be obtained. The conclusion is as follows: First, the nature of tertiary institutions based on Law No. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System, that higher education is an educational institution above has the main mission of education and teaching, research and community service. Therefore, universities must be able to prove themselves as quality and accountable educational institutions that are institutions that can produce superior human resources, have high competitiveness, comparative advantages, and competitive advantages. Second, the Public relations and information section in tertiary institutions must have a strategy to market a variety of new policies to address market challenges, policies can be done in the form of marketing various advantages that exist in tertiary institutions. In building the image of a tertiary institution, it can be done through an alliance of cooperation between institutions, in this case the public relations and information section acts as a facilitator as well as a mediator in supporting the realization of such cooperation. So that the image of a tertiary institution is an organizational resource that can be decisive in forming the competitive advantage and profitability of tertiary institutions. Third, building the image of a tertiary institution can be done through brand building, that is, brand image is built by incorporating "personality" or "image" into products or services. To improve the brand image of a college, brand marketing is a symbol of the depiction of all information relating to products or services. Brands in higher education usually consist of names, logos, and all other visual elements such as pictures, typography, colors, and symbols. The brand is also a visualization of the image that consumers want to embed in the minds of consumers.